Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Continuation of the kid-size couch/sofa

     I first thought to edit the previous post and add the next set of photos but, didn't think those following would get an update.  So, I opted to continue with a new posting.  For those dropping by for the first time,  you'll find the beginning of this project here.

     Although I didn't take pictures of it (I was pretty annoyed with myself for such a bubble-headed mistake (I will elaborate later in the post)), I wound up remaking the seating frame which is simply a rectangle with a center support (If I were making a larger sofa, I would definitely add more but, for this small of a piece, surely one would suffice).  The first one (the 'mistake') was 11" deep and was not deep enough considering the thickness of the back cushion.  I remade it to approximately 18" deep.  Deeper than originally planned - 14" but a great deal better than the 11" originally wound up with (okay!  When deciding how deep the make the couch, I extended the measuring tape to 11" and used the length of the measuring tape case, 3", to make up the difference making it 14".  Well, when I went to mark the wood, I forgot that I used the case length in my visual and placed the tape against the wood and begin marking it where it was set, at 11".  Goof made.  Goof identified.  Goof corrected.).

See!  I even experimented with pocket screws!  I think I got the general idea of them.

As soon as I acquire some more wood (I've been rummaging through hubby's stash to spot any pieces so I'll know exactly which ones to ask him for), I'll add more front to back braces for support as well as structure for the arm padding.

I'm not sure if I'll use them but, I cut some cedar planks (cut and spliced the center) that were leftovers from a park bench restoration (hubby's honey-do project).  I like the way they look and almost feel bad about them being covered up by upholstery.  It's either the cedar or having to use ten thousand (alright...maybe not that many but, a lot) pieces of scrap...  I just don't know.  The cedar is in place but I've not yet attached it.

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