Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Latest cake

This one managed to travel 7 hours, unassembled that is.  The pieces traveled as, the body (without arms/head/legs attached), the head, the arms, the board with feet in place (glued with royal icing).  There are items missing (like the band just below head(at top of body) and the arms were not in better proportion to the body BUT...BUT...I love the way it turned out and so did the birthday boy.
  With the exception of the required tier supports, it is completely edible. 
   The arms are constructed of royal icing pieces that were piped and flooded then stacked...fondant and royal icing accents added for detail.  The feet were made of sugar molded inside of mini loaf pans then details carved.  Details on body and head are fondant.  Camera lenses attached with spaghetti.  The body is comprised of 7" layers.  The head was carved from 1, 8x3 square. The body was wrapped in fondant (leaving the top of the body with a covering of buttercream only) and the head was covered with fondant separately and brushed with an Everclear and nu silver lustre dust mixture.

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