Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Back to the program

   In my attempt to create at least one item per day (striving for 4 though), I have fallen short.  I came upon this hat pattern on and can't seem to stop making them.  I don't want to stop making them.  I keep buying yarn in order to make another one in a new color.  I find the hat to be THAT beautiful.  After I have a stash of completed hats, I plan to embellish them further with flowers, bows, or some other girlifying items.
     At this time, I am still busy with cakes and other baked goods.  So, project time isn't as plentiful as I'd like.
     As I am not one to focus complete attention on any one project, there are a multitude of side side (yes, two sides) projects going on.  One room is getting a makeover in a big way on a small scale for my grandbabies.  I'm excited about what I have in mind for it and can't wait to see it completed.

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