Thursday, February 23, 2012

Millefiori Cane - Working With Polymer Clay

     Time flies when working with polymer clay like no other craft I've tried.  It's so involving that the coffee can finish making and the pot go off again (2 hour timer) without ever having poured the first cup from it (look up to see if it's done....uh,'s done and then some).  So, I drink cold coffee the rest of the night (cold because the reheated cups sit there while I continue to mess with the clay as the chill retakes them).

   Polymer Clay Central is a great source of tutorials.  I utilized the rose tutorial shared by Leigh Ross as well as two different leaf tutorials( 1, and 2 ) for my first attempt at a polymer clay rose cane.

I would like to make a face cane similar to Alice Stroppel's at Polymer Clay Etc.  I've messed with a couple of things for the face and...well...they didn't go as well as the rose cane.  It's going to require more time alone to focus.  I wound up with lips that looked more like the internal organs of a cow.  I knew how I wanted the cane to look...the lips cane that is...and trying to figure how to get them to turn out right, without a book or tutorial, is taking a bit of time.  The same goes for the iris of the eye. 
Maybe, I'll finish that sofa so it doesn't enter my head while I'm working on something else!

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