Sunday, September 30, 2012

If a Picture Paints a Thousand Words...

...Then a video paints a thousand times a thousand words. Multiply that number by the number of times needed to watch it in order to gather enough information and what you'll have is a bridge across a language barrier to an incredibly adorable child's sweater.
     A generous member of YouTube shared how she made a sweater.  She has other video tutorials as well.  The ones I clicked on were in a language other than English.  Below is the video from which I made the latest sweater.  I don't know if it is exactly the same but it is close enough for me.

A link to her video,

Here's my version of the sweater from information viewed,

Friday, September 7, 2012

A Token of Affection

     A while back, I purchased a second-hand 1970's era liquor cabinet.  I wanted to strip it of its dark finish that was in near perfect condition and repaint it an off-white and possibly line certain areas of the inside with some toile wallpaper I'd bought several years ago.  The piece was going to be more down-to-earth and country-looking instead of intimidating and gloomy-looking as it had when purchased.  This cabinet was going to be MY creative storage area for crafting supplies.
     The transformation in appearance hasn't happened.  I became so thrilled at being able to organize some of my supplies that I began arranging them inside the cabinet directly after it received a top to bottom to top, inside out outside in scrubbing.  The addition of the supplies, and cuts of fabric intentionally hung over one of the upper doors as well as being displayed in neatly folded stacks helped to soften the cabinet's appearance and lended to its' charm.
     I have always been drawn to and prefer the more 'down home'-looking furnishings and old farmhouses with their well-worn wooden floors that seem to say, "whatever you dish out, I can handle."  This is where my husband and I disagree.  He prefers a more refined look to furnishings and homes that are new and untouched and equipped with high-tech conveniences.  I'm not sure if he tolerates my preferences or tolerates my purchases.
     I was excited about this cabinet and hopes I had for its' transformation.  My face hurt from smiling.
     Not more than two weeks after I brought the cabinet home, my husband began working on a piece of furniture.  Because I'd made an earlier request, I thought he had started on kid-sized armoires for our grandkids.  I had requested the durability of pine to be used but he was using black walnut.  "I wanted them made of pine so they can really USE them."  Fine furniture screams, "Don't touch!"  "Hands off!"
     "I got this.  Go away so I can work." he tells me.  Everyday, he goes into his workroom and busies himself with this project.  I traveled with him on one of his trips to the lumber yard and over heard him tell the owner (actually, the owner's son but it's a family business and Pop is in his late 70's -early 80's) he was working on an armoire for me, to store my crafts in.  I was excited and concerned at the same time.  I was excited that he was making ME a piece of furniture and a piece of such quality as what he had been working on.  I was concerned because I wouldn't be able to USE it.  I would have to be careful with it.  I wouldn't be able to place hooks inside or out to hold objects, not like I would be able to with one found at a resale shop or garage sale or side of the road (I haven't resorted to retreiving items from the roadside but, there are some REALLY interesting items placed at the roadside.  I'm recalling an old rocker, one of those old wooden ones with plump cushioned seats and a pleated skirt that wrapped around just below the cushion exposing turned spindle legs and the rocker base and the back was partially cushioned as well with the area just above the shoulder area featuring smaller spindles matching those on the bottom.  That piece was tempting.  I could see it re-upholstered with a crocheted lace covering.), and forget putting paints or glues inside, they may spill!  I don't know what would hurt his feelings more, me not wanting to use it for my crafts because I don't want to mess it up or messing it up while using it for my crafts. 
     The armoire is turning out to be gorgeous.  He and I will have to discuss how and where this piece will be used.  Maybe he will put extra coats of some kind of protectant on it to keep it from the messes and horrors of crafting.  That would help tremendously.

     Here's the cabinet so far.